bathroom wall decor

Bathroom Wall Decor

Enhance your bathroom looks using bathroom wall mirror, wall tiles, wall sconces, wall decals, wall lights

Bathroom wall decor is become popular trend recently. Give free reign to your imagination when planning bathroom wall decorations.  Say goodbye to the hard days of decorating, because today anything goes easily, more colorful and imaginative event the themes are getting better.  Your bathroom can be as ritzy as you want it to be, so read this article to get some ideas on all the exciting things you can do with the wall decor of your bathroom.

bathroom wall decor

The first step in decorating a bathroom is to choose the color scheme you would like to have.  It is a good idea to stick with colors so as not to make thin gs too complicated.  Your main color focus should cover at least 50 percent of the bathroom wall decor, followed by the secondary color that can either match or contrast the main color and approximately ten percent emphasis on the third or accent color.

Bathrooms should be light and airy because they are no longer a place you rush in and out of.  More people are starting to use the bathroom as a place to relax.  You wouldn’t want to be in a room that is dark and depressing and inspires gloomy thoughts, you would rather be in a room that is light and actually relaxes you.

You will find good decorating ideas at bath shops and furniture stores and even some of the bigger departmental stores.  Take a full day to do some window shopping to get ideas, go into stores and look around, look through their catalogs and get ideas about what you can do with your bathroom wall decor.  Then set a budget and try to stick to it.

You have several options for bathroom wall decor: you can use wall paper for the top part of bathroom or paint.  It will also depend on whether the bathroom is tiled.  Usually titled bathrooms have tiles that go up half the wall.  So you have a free hand with the rest of wall.  If it is fully tiled, you will have to shop around for other ideas to decorate the room, like art or even removing some of the tiles if the budget allows for it.

When painting the bathroom you can always paint the lower half the darker color and the top half the lighter color, this will give an open and airy look to the room because your lighter color will dominate.  Make sure that any paint you buy is 100 percent waterproof and heat resistant or you will have paint peeling off very quickly from the steam that collects in the bathroom

Another things that can be installed to enhance the bathroom looks could be:

  • bathroom wall lights
  • bathroom wall sconces
  • bathroom wall heaters
  • bathroom wall clocks
  • bathroom wall panel
  • bathroom wall cabinets

All those options, not only perfect for decorating your bathroom wall - their specific functions also very useful. Each options are described on different articles available here. At last but not least,  in order to make  your bathroom more inviting and attractive - don’t forget to optimize the bathroom wall decor.

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