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Bathroom Wall Art

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Bathroom wall art is another option in order to to add the aesthetics of your bathroom.  You will get valuable information on how to transform your bathroom, big or small into an oasis of tranquility.  For most of us, with hectic work schedules, kids and a home to manage, we often seek refuge in the bathroom, a good, long soak in a hot tub to relax, maybe some music and even a good book or magazine to help unwind.

Bathroom wall art is not limited to just hanging a few well framed pieces of art; give free reign to your imagination, start out with a theme and build on it.  You can decorate the walls with well hung artwork that need not necessarily be confined to paintings alone.  You will find a variety of framed options that include shell work and other craft work, you can select your own frames that are carved or engraved fancily to enhance the effect.  Your art should serve the purpose of transforming dull bathroom walls into vibrant color splashes.

bathroom wall art

If you are planning on a complete remodeling of bathroom tiles and color scheme, you can start out by researching ideas from magazines, the internet and even by visiting bathroom accessory stores to have a look at their catalogues.  Once you have the theme, go ahead and select the color scheme; keeping it to three colors will ensure you get an open and airy bathroom without the colors clashing.  Select tiles to match – you will find a very wide selection of different types of wall tiles in all colors and designs.

How do you choose the right kind of bathroom wall art?  Consider factors like steam, condensation and damp that may over time ruin your wall art.  You have to look for durability and water resistant artwork and frames; you don’t want to have to keep replacing your wall art every so often!  The artwork may run due to heat and water splashes.  You may want to consider some of the ideas given below for wall art for your bathroom.

  • Canvas prints are actually a very good choice for bathroom walls.  You can select the size of canvas you want for your bathroom, maybe you prefer one or two big pieces or alternatively a few small sized ones.  The image you select is printed on the satin canvas and then stretched in a frame.  You get amazing color clarity and image reproduction in this way.  Frames can always be waterproofed, in fact you will probably find special one for hanging in bathrooms.
  • Wallpaper of a very high grade comes with a water resistant and scratch proof features, making it ideal for your bathroom. You will find a huge variety of wallpaper prints that you can choose from, but do keep in mind the color scheme you have chosen.

It is hoped that this article will give you the impetus needed to get you started implementing bathroom wall art on your bathroom wall decorations.

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