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Bathroom Wall Lights – Bring Your Bathroom Alive!

Enhance your bathroom looks using bathroom wall mirror, wall tiles and more

While it is true that the bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house, it is also a very important place and bathroom wall lights are a must.  You need an airy, clean space to relax in as most people seem to do these days.  With the hectic pace of the day, unwinding while soaking in the tub has become a real luxury.  You need a space that is bright and cheerful, as well as restive.  This article focuses on ideas for lighting up your bathroom to provide the effect you seek.

When choosing bathroom lighting, you can opt for ceiling lights, wall mounted lights or illuminated mirrors and paintings.  Bathrooms have become big business and bathroom tiles, lights and other accessories can be found in specialist shops.  Bathroom lighting is equally important to the overall aesthetics of the room and should be done right.  It is important to choose lighting that is safe and functional.  Lighting which is too bright makes the room look garish and over bright and polished surfaces tend to cause glare.  Diffused lighting will give the room a softer look.

Bathroom wall lights can include wall mounted lighting that provides the right amount of brightness over the vanity area.  A mix of diffused lighting to set the mood for relaxing in your tub and brighter lighting that is functional, when someone needs to put on makeup or take a shave, will be best.  You can also select lighting fixtures that come with dimmers, in this way one light provides bright light when you need it and can be dimmed for softer lighting when you need to relax.  Wall scones are very decorative and can really enhance the look of the bathroom.

You may want to consider halogen lighting for ceiling lights; you can find them with mirrored back plates that allow for several lights in one fitting.  These are more in the nature of spot lights.  You can add to this by putting light fixtures over the washbasin and spot lighting any framed art you have on the walls.  Always take into consideration the size of the room, too many lights and you get something nightmarish, too few and you get a shadowy, dark room that will give you no pleasure.  Recessed spotlights are another option to be considered but do be careful of fitting too many; you will end up with something that resembles a floodlit arena!

Whatever your choice of bathroom wall lights, make sure the lights come with waterproof covers and provide your bathroom with adequate lighting.

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