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When looking for bathroom wall tiles to spruce up your bathroom you will find plenty of options in the market.  Wall tiles in the bathroom apart from being decorative actually serve a functional purpose; they act as waterproofing for the room.

With all the options that inundate the wall tile market, how do you choose the correct type of bathroom wall tiles for your bathroom?  Make choosing the tile design a fun project, go window shopping, step into bathroom tile stores and check out designs and patterns.  What you will need to decide in advance is whether you are planning to redo the entire bathroom or simply install the wall tiles.  If you are giving the bathroom a complete make-over then apart from choosing the wall tiles you will also have to choose the paint color scheme as well.  You don’t want tiles that clash madly with the paint scheme you choose.

bathroom wall tiles

Bathrooms need to be open and airy not dark and dingy so use that as your springboard when choosing colors and bathroom wall tiles.  This article provides information on some of the types of wall tiles available to help you make an informed selection.

  • Ceramic tiles – always one of the most popular choices for bathroom tiles, they come glazed and fired in the most unimaginable designs and colors possible.  These tiles have a high level of water resistance and come in a variety of earthy tones and hand painted designs.  What you need to be aware of is that ceramic tiles chip very easily, so take extra care when fixing them.
  • Mosaic tiles – you can get them plain or in combinations of glass, ceramic and metal with eye catching designs and stunning colors.
  • Glass tiles – you can get these tiles in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes; recycled tiles are available, giving you a “green” option on bathroom tiles.  You can have a lot of fun putting your creativity to the test when installing glass tiles.
  • Stone tiles – come in marble, granite and other stone options.  These tiles are naturally water resistant and very durable.  Due to the weight of the tiles you will find installation rather tricky, if you are planning on doing it yourself.  These tiles are probably some of the most expensive ones available on the market.
  • Porcelain tiles – are extremely durable, strong and dense, needing very little maintenance, extremely easy to clean and maintain.  These tiles are allergen free and of course water resistant.

You can also choose from natural slate tiles and travertine tiles; Spanish and Italian tiles are very popular choices for their excellent color schemes and designs.  When deciding on bathroom wall tiles, research decorating ideas, colors and designs thoroughly before making a final decision.  One handy tip is to buy a few extra tiles to cover chipping and breakage when installing the tiles.

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